Doing Your Own Nail Polish? Consider These Tips

Nailing that manicure, pun intended, is always easier said than done. The great news is that even if you are an absolute newbie when it comes to a DIY manicure, there are these great tips you can follow to have those nails looking professionally done even if you just did it on your sofa. Do you want to know them? Continue reading below to be on your way to great looking nails that won’t put a dent in your pocket.

ManicureAlways Use Good Quality Nail Polish

Knowing is half the battle and especially so on things that you would apply to your body. Always use nail polish sourced from a reputable store like where you get  Constructores semipermanentes, as they are among the best sources of nail polish products. Use formulas that are labeled as three-free. They are labeled as such because they are free from formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP or dibutyl phthalate. These three can lead to health concerns when used for a long period, pretty much lifetime if you always have nail polish.

Block Off Time

Free up an afternoon during a weekend to ensure that you have enough of it that is free from distractions (like house chores) if you want your nails to come out as good as you want them to be. Drying and curing time would take the majority of this, you may wanna browse Netflix for a movie to ease the pain of waiting for your nails to completely dry.

Surface Preparation

You might have heard this term in construction before and it holds true for nail polish as well. Preparing the nails properly is crucial for the outcome of your little DIY project. To start with, soak your hands on warm water for a few minutes, this would soften the cuticles to make it easier to push and mold into shape. Use the wooden orange stick to do this and never cut your cuticles. Your cuticles provide our nails protection from fungus and bacteria. This is aside from making it grow back even faster when you cut it, which could become very unsightly. This is also the time where you clean off old nail polish residue from your nails. Do not make a sawing motion when filing the edges of the nails, and just file them going in one direction to prevent them from getting chipped and leave them feeling jagged.

Use Them As Intended

When you see top coat it means that it is for after you have done your nails. The base coat would be where the color nail polish goes. Sometimes, because they are alike people think it is okay to interchange them and it is actually not. When you use the top coat as a base coat it will not have those adhesion properties that are critical for the nail polish to stick to the nail. Using the base coat as the top coat, on the other hand, will not produce that glossiness that comes with a true top coat. Pay attention to the labels and use them accordingly.

Dry Them Faster

Make sure that you locate yourself in a well-ventilated area when doing this because it helps to dry the nails faster. You can also dip your nails in ice cold water so for a few minutes as it makes nail polish dry up faster. Avoid rushing off doing the dishes until a good few hours after.

Keeping Your Manicure Kit

Always keep your manicure supplies in a cool dry place. Some people actually swear by putting them in a fridge, to avoid them from drying out and getting too thick. Also, keep a nail polish thinner handy to reuse those that thickened, there is no need throwing away stuff that can be reused. It is also a good idea to roll your polish bottle vertically between your hands, as opposed to shaking it vigorously. What this prevents are air bubbles which can wreak havoc on your nails surface when painting.

To Wrap This Up

Deciding to DIY your nails will open up a whole new world of getting that sense of achievement and a whole lot of savings. GIving value to time and money will always lead to better things in the long run.

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