Front and Rear Car Camera Singapore: Why You Should Use One with Your Vehicle?

In fact, most drivers and government officials believe that having side mirrors at the rear of the car is sufficient in terms of road safety. But the visual limitations of the mirrors and the inconvenience of using them means that drivers cannot fully rely on them to understand what is behind them. In this sense, a rear-view camera can be a really useful tool for drivers.

Rear view camera

Simply put, a camera mounted on the back of a car that captures live images is a rear-view camera. While internal rearview mirrors are mainly used to perceive what is happening behind the car, the rear-view camera with its wide field of view provides a more accurate idea of ​​what is happening behind the vehicle, while the driver does not need to look at several Mirrors.

Features that make driving safer

front and rear car camera Singapore

The camera can offer several convenient functions that are simply impossible to imagine with just a mirror. A modern rear-view camera offers a wide range of possibilities: from a wider field of view, in which most models easily offer a viewing angle of 120 degrees, to night vision capabilities.

Why should all cars use them?

Most of the time, car manufacturers offer this front and rear car camera Singapore as an option. However, judging by the many functions offered by the rear-view camera, it is fair to say that this is a function that deserves to be mandatory in all modern vehicles. In fact, most modern and high-performance car manufacturers are already pre-installing them in their new cars.

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